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This page lists recent episodes of all the kink podcasts we know about. If you'd like to nominate another kink podcast for inclusion, please email Tanos AT

 Episode 21 - Feeling Legal?
19 Jun 2014, 11:20pm GMT
This weeks cast features a working attorney that deal with the legal trouble of kinksters and others. Alan Slone is listed in NCSF?s ?Kink Aware Professionals? directory and has plenty of good advise for our listeners. Think about working out your fantasy and something goes horribly wrong, what next? ?Feeling Legal?? is the first in our series of kink professionals that keep us on the right track. Also listen for the June installment of NSCF Update.

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EA323 - Polyamory for Us
17 Jun 2014, 1:14am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn talk about their experience with polyamory, do’s and don’t’s and more!  Plus, our question of the day is dating non-BDSM people...and would you do it?  PLUS we welcome the wonderful People Of Kink ( podcast to the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network!  PLUS we return from Twisted Tryst; 8 am spankings; new podcast studio; and cats who sit on my favorite flogger.

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dal4me and fire-slayer
15 Jun 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
dal4me and fire-slayer are a great couple that have grown in the lifestyle together. They are fun loving, hard playing kinksters that live life to the fullest.

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 Episode 20A - Discussion Group
13 Jun 2014, 6:30am GMT
Welcome to out special two-part discussion group episode ? Part I. Listeners have sent in questions for the seed of the discussion and it gets lively from there. The opening question for part one was: ?We are think about collaring me. How do I come out to me family and friends?? The second question was ?I keep hearing about community, how dose that apply to BDSM?? Part I runs 53 minutes.Welcome to our special two-part discussion group episode ? Part I. Listeners have sent us questions for the seed of the discussion and it gets lively from there. The opening question for part one was: ?I am thinking about my Master collaring me. How do I come out to my family and friends?? The second...

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 Episode 20B - Discussion Group
13 Jun 2014, 5:30am GMT
Welcome to out special two-part discussion group episode ? Part II. Listeners have sent in questions for the seed of the discussion and it gets lively from there. The opening question for part two was: ?The Internet has changed the way people connect, meet and play. We have lost some of the ritual that once ruled the leather lifestyle. What do you think?? And, ?Play styles: What?s yours?? Part II runs 52 minutes.

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Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson, "Partners in Passion"
12 Jun 2014, 2:11pm GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
The award-winning authors and energetic sex experts Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson were making their pilgrimage to the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI and Graydancer was able to snag some of their time for an interview.  While Gray was skeptical at first, Mark and Patricia were clear-spoken, humorous, and down-to-earth with practical explanations of how tantric concepts can relate to kink. Listen and see if you agree: there are definite connections and things to learn from these Partners in Passion!   Note: the URL mentioned in the podcast is not correct. Patricia and Mark can be found at

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DARK SIDE #146 - Topic of More Mighty Need
9 Jun 2014, 7:27pm GMT
The Dark Side
THE DARK SIDE BDSM EDUCATIONAL PODCAST DARK SIDE #146 - Topic of More Mighty Need We received great feedback based on the last podcast - then gave our follow-up. The original topic was as follows;A listener wrote us in a question/topic about how she could encourage her Dom to dominate her more. DA and KN dance delicately around this can of worms - but dissect the topic and answer all of her questions - as best they can. -Have you ever been in a similar situation? -How do you ask for more without being disrespectful? -Are there any subtler ways that don?t require that much confidence? ^.^ -Do you have any good resources for new doms? -Any suggestions on how to present those resources? (My ...

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EA322 - Post PXS blog
9 Jun 2014, 1:27pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn post their perspectives on the recent Power eXchange Summit experience as we post this audio blog recap.

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Sade Returns
8 Jun 2014, 5:48pm GMT
Masocast Podcast
Sade returns to the show. Knowing someone so well makes interviewing them surprisingly difficult so we opened up the interview to your questions. We talk threesomes, limits on playing with others, orgasms, marriage, the NYC fashion industry, ramping up a D/s relationship and a bunch more. Plus, friend of the show Sinclair is bringing back […]

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8 Jun 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Magentis has always helped out in the local London scene. He says that he is just a normal guy who likes to do nasty things to other normal people.

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 Episode 19 - LunaKM - Positive Pain Processing
6 Jun 2014, 5:01am GMT
When we learn about processing pain in play it?s a good idea to understand methods we use. These methods can make handling pain either harder or more pleasurable. We will discuss the different processing methods with LunaKM, the author/editor/owner of, a community and blog for novice and experienced submissives. We?ll discuss her articles on Pain Processing and talk about the ways to process pain, how to reach subspace more often and how to enjoy pain as pleasure. LunaKM even was kind enough to give KinkyCast's listeners a special offer on her ebook, Pain Processing in Play. Tune in for more details.

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PW 395: Unbalanced triads
6 Jun 2014, 4:28am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
How do you cope when your triad is unbalanced, and your new lover is more into your husband than you? Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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28: Valentines in Niagara: Swinger hotel takeover
5 Jun 2014, 2:54pm GMT
Bliss Bringers – Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast
The entire Bliss Bringer team descends upon Niagara falls, Ontario for a weekend of swinger fun at the  Valentines in Niagara event.  We demonstrate the "15 minute orgasm" to a packed room of rowdy swingers and train timid (sorta) wives in the art of "female dominance". Professor Tea works her "queens walk" on the local swingers, with great success and the team takes over the "dungeon"  and starts schooling the swingers in the ways of kink with bondage training and violet wand demonstrations. Reverend Jon takes up the microphone and gets the naughtiest confessions out: From wide-eyed newbies, to aspiring kinksters, to dual-penetration fanatics, from spankings to screaming orgasms, you get ...

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EA321/KaC036 - BSing after PXS!
3 Jun 2014, 2:20am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
We had a fantastic time at PXS, the 3rd annual Power Exchange Summit... and went right into the next episode of BSing with Barak & Sheba! So, while this is a short one, we do cover some important topics, make some announcements about what's next, talk about COPE tickets, and get a quote from Shan-Wow! So join us for some fun, some weird, wacky and kinky silliness!   Plus, on this month’s Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba we talk about what is going on with AIS, and answer these questions- 1. Scene space - what it is, and how to respect it 2. What happened at PXS? 3. What does Shan-Wow say? We also talk about Barak & Sheba’s girl, ...

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Lady Reni
1 Jun 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Lady Reni describes herself as a snarky, pierced, tattooed, intelligent, well-endowed, sassy, discerning, and well-read.

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PW 394: Minx comes out!
30 May 2014, 7:04pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Minx comes out! Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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 Episode 18A - Sarah Greenmore
29 May 2014, 12:03pm GMT
Sarah Greenmore is a 23 year old exhibitionist and sex worker hailing from Portland, Oregon. She has been involved in various jobs within the sex industry for the last five years. She will be making the trip to Nevada next week to start work at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch chain of brothels, following a dream she's had for many years. Sarah speaks openly about sex work, her personal life and Fetlife personas, and hopes to spread the gospel of the "happy hooker" - humanizing and discussing the merits of sex work. This is a contrast to episode 18B that takes place in Canada.

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 Episode 18B - Spohie Delancy
29 May 2014, 10:58am GMT
Sophie Delancy is VP and Director for In four years she is turning on the kink in this traditionally very vanilla site. "I'm starting to focus on including different kinds of sex including kinky stuff in a palatable way to our audience." We talk about that process and what it's like as a female dominant shooting what can be considered fairly female submissive content. Sophie is located in Canada and the aspects of sex work take on a very different view compared the USA.

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EA320 - Living with HIV
26 May 2014, 7:21pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn share an interview with Fran I Am on coming out HIV positive*. It was a great conversation and helped to educate Dan & dawn - we hope you find it educational too!  Plus, our question of the day is about cute BDSM moments.   PLUS we talk about Mischief in May; we talk about Stefanos & Shay; we talk about interactions regarding Living M/s; we talk about passion; and we talk about Bridging The Slash (which is in June no matter how many times Dan said July - -

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Naka Akira Interview, Part 2
26 May 2014, 4:58pm GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
I could try and play it off as a teaser, but the fact is that there was a file mixup and the interview released Friday was more of a fragment.  Here's the main course! Hedwig asks Naka Akira many frank questions from the efficacy of carabiners to the meaning of kinbaku to what it's really like working with famous photographers like Sugiara Norio. Listen to a pioneer of rope bondage history speak in his own words!

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