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This page lists recent episodes of all the kink podcasts we know about. If you'd like to nominate another kink podcast for inclusion, please email Tanos AT

What's a Ropenspace Like?
5 Dec 2015, 4:21pm GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
Gray talks to several veterans of the "Ropenspace" concept about their experiences both attending and organizing them. Based on "Open Space" principles, the Ropenspace creates an environment where people learn and share what they are truly passionate about for rope. It's been done in San Francisco, Maryland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and will be part of Austin's ROPECRAFT event February 21, 2016.  The crew talk about how it works, why it works, and why you - yes, you - should come to it! This is all made possible by my sponsors, Karma Rope and Bastard Ropes! Please let them know you appreciate their support of this podcast by buying their stuff - or at least telling them they're cute! We also ...

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PW 457 My best friend just got married. Can we date now?
4 Dec 2015, 10:44pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
My best friend just got married. Can she and I date now? How not to introduce polyamory to a relationship. Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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EA380 - Titles and Leather and Utah
2 Dec 2015, 11:58pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast

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Sterling, Shay, and Ropecraft Stuff
30 Nov 2015, 11:50pm GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
Thanks to @Steel_Magnolia this podcast is coming your way, with two bonus episodes later in the week. Gray presents two interviews with Shay and Sterling where they talk about pre-certification, the perception and reality of self-suspension, Chinese bondage scenes, and much more! This has been brought to you by my sponsors, Karma Rope and Bastard Ropes! Please let them know you appreciate their support of this podcast by buying their stuff - or at least telling them they're cute!

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PS079 - The Ebb and Flow of The Now with Goddess Lakshimi
30 Nov 2015, 11:43am GMT
The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
Discussing the power of intention and the diversity of passion, Lee is joined this week by former dominatrix and current pastor/priestess Goddess Lakshimi. They dive into her 30 years of experience in the Kink and Leather communities, before examining how spirit is part of that journey and power of being in the now. Come learn about the concept of implied consent, the power of the word ?no,? walking our own path and letting go of that which hurts us. Passion And Soul Podcast:iTunes Subscription: passion-soul-podcast-by-lee/id840372122RSS Feed: MP3 files: http://passionandsoul.libsyn.comPassionAndS oul Audio Page...

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PW 456: Stories from the Polycule
30 Nov 2015, 3:59am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
A chat with Stories from the Polycule anthology editor, author and expert witness Dr. Elisabeth Sheff. Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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TPOK 158 - Deity
29 Nov 2015, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Deity is someone who enjoys the control aspects of BDSM. He likes to be in control of as much as possible and that takes finding the kind of sub/slave that enjoys exactly the same thing. Now married to his partner he has total control and they are happily exploring all aspects of their long as he is control. :)

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TPOK 157 - Dunter
22 Nov 2015, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
We talk to Dunter from Montreal this week. Dunter is a guy that loves his rope but is not defined by rope. He loves to teach and help others and travel around and experience other events and locations to experience his kinky life to the fullest while doing all he can to help out. We also get to hear about the MBE Montreal!

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PW 455: Triggering PTSD
19 Nov 2015, 2:00pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
My partners have screaming matches that trigger my PTSD! What do I do? Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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Episode 101: The Nicest People Get into Porn (Guest Host-Rich Moreland)
18 Nov 2015, 6:20am GMT
No Boundaries

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EA379 - Post Beyond The Love processing
17 Nov 2015, 10:46am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
Dan & dawn are joined by Karen in this 'audio blog' as they process the successful wrap up of Beyond The Love, the polyamory summit!     

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Ep 49 - If You're New
16 Nov 2015, 1:00pm GMT
Practically Kinky Podcast
If you are new to kink, how do you figure things out? How do you learn about what you want? How do you go about meeting people? We get this kind of question all the time, so in this podcast we have a quick chat about what to do and what not to do.

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PS078 - Soverignty and Actualization with Rhiannon Thunderheart
16 Nov 2015, 11:48am GMT
The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
Approaching Trans Day of Remembrance, Lee sits down with primal witch, self-sovereignty activist and sacred radical trans woman Rhiannon Thunderheart. Join them for this luscious journey into authenticity, personal evolution, gender consciousness, warrior femininity, sacred space access and creating the communities and life where you bloom. Passion And Soul Podcast:iTunes Subscription: passion-soul-podcast-by-lee/id840372122RSS Feed: MP3 files: http://passionandsoul.libsyn.comPassionAndS oul Audio Page: htt p:// ast/passion-an...

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TPOK 156 - Minnie_Taur Returns!
15 Nov 2015, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
We check in this week with Minnie_Taur. We last heard from her in June of 2013. A lot has changed in her life since the first time we talked. She has discovered many things about herself. She wore a collar for a year and a half and has discovered that she likes pain on both sides of slash. It just goes to show that we never stop learning and growing. As long as we are open to experience anything can happen.

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PW 454: Is two new lovers double the fun?
12 Nov 2015, 1:00pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Is taking two new poly lovers at the same time double the fun or double the drama?Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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43: Flogging and Lusting in Las Vegas
11 Nov 2015, 10:30am GMT
Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast
Our gang hits "Fetish and Fantasy" again in Las Vegas. There is a lot of  spanking and flogging going on stage, as usual. This year, we have some extra complications: A gang of "hashers" takes over the hotel and causes havoc while our gang is trying to recover from their own naughty but exhausting activities Mr. Bill brought along a vanilla friend, who has no idea what is going on.  She gets dunked in our pool of debauchery, while we hope she doesn't drown in the craziness. Spoiler: She does fine! We even interview her before and after her experience, which leads to interesting insight into how outsiders view the world of swinging and BDSM, and how the view changes after exposure.

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EA378 - Eating at the Y
10 Nov 2015, 12:06pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan & dawn talk about cunninglingus! Plus the have a great conversation with Master Michael on aspergers - can you be in the scene, what is autism, and more! PLUS we kick it off with a great question of the day - the submissive guide to saying no! PLUS fanfic, noisy dog, sold out event, and MORE! Tags? Oh yea we got tags #cunninglingus #aspergers #contest #bdsm Don't miss an episode! Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network Click the banner above for other great shows spanning the realm of BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, and simply fun kink!

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Ep 48 - A Day In The Household
9 Nov 2015, 6:30pm GMT
Practically Kinky Podcast
We chat about a typical day in our household: how we live out our power exchange, make poly work and generally get practical yet incredibly important stuff done - like breakfast. 

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Elizabeth Harrison
8 Nov 2015, 7:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Elizabeth Harrison is a writer and a internet radio show host. She does shows and writes about kink too. She is fully out and that can be great but it can complicate her life even more. She is a submissive and lives no the edge of the public scene. She finds that her most comfortable place to be is behind a microphone.

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PW 453: Loving your body
5 Nov 2015, 2:00pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Alyssa Royse shares insights on fitness and body image for people of all shapes and sizes.  Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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