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This page lists recent episodes of all the kink podcasts we know about. If you'd like to nominate another kink podcast for inclusion, please email Tanos AT

TPOK Minicast 49 - Etiquette
10 Feb 2016, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
I talk about something we all need to be aware of whether we are new or not. Etiquette is respect for your surroundings and the people in them. Don't touch what is not yours, ask first and try being polite. Simply rules to follow and to teach. It really just boils down to common sense. Got some?

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TPOK 168 - MissHuntress
7 Feb 2016, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
We are joined by MissHuntress who is a Pro Domme, Life Coach, disciplinarian, sensualist, psychodramatist and alternative desires mentor. We talk about the reasons why people play and want to be spanked, punished or humiliated. We also hear about how if we keep an open mind we can find out that we can love things that we never thought that we could before. The brain is the biggest sex organ. How we use it is up to us.

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Interview with Twisted View at Winter Wickedness
6 Feb 2016, 8:00am GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
Traveling to Ohio, Gray talks with photographer, rope maker, rigger, and community leader Russ (aka TwistedView on Fet). You can find him and his rope at Along with Twisted View is made possible by! Please let them know you appreciate their support of this podcast by buying their stuff. Or you can support the podcast directly by signing up to be a patron at .

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Episode 106 - linworth on Rope and the 'L' Word
5 Feb 2016, 8:55pm GMT
You may recognize the name, You may have been through her writings that have gone K&P, or her pictures and videos about rope play, or have seen her at Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza (MBE). Today?s show will focus on who linworth is and her writings, mainly the ideas found in ?Why the ?L? Word".

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PW 465: Rules about beds
4 Feb 2016, 9:09pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
What rules do you make about sleep and sex in your bed? Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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TPOK Minicast 48 - Setting Expectations as a Dominant
3 Feb 2016, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
I have been hearing a lot of talk about expectations lately so I thought we would talk about what we should do to set them for the bottom/sub/slave. Knowing what the expectations are and being able to communicate it when it works and when it doesn't work is a great skill and can enrich any lifestyle relationship.

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PS083 - Curiosity and the Human Landscape with Coral Mallow
2 Feb 2016, 11:29pm GMT
The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
Artist and educator Coral Mallow joins Lee for a dive into art, consent of the viewer, and the bridge that curiosity offers into a world of possibility. Just because someone explains life or sexual potential we cannot understand it until we try, and together they examine affects art, life, and how we can expand the human landscape with the power of ALSO. Stories change lives, and so does the exploration of our own heart. . Passion And Soul Podcast:iTunes Subscription: passion-soul-podcast-by-lee/id840372122RSS Feed: MP3 files: http://passionandsoul.libsyn.comPassionAndS oul Audio Page:

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PW 464: Building your poly community
1 Feb 2016, 5:23am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
How to build and grow a poly community in your area with Poly Columbus' Karen Hill and Neil Wehneman. Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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Troy?s Back Yet Again
1 Feb 2016, 12:37am GMT
Masocast Podcast
Troy Orleans returns to talk about taking a break, her brand new space, bondage and a whole lot more. You can find Troy at

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TPOK 167 - Nookienotes
31 Jan 2016, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Nookie grew up in an environment that shaped her life forever. We hear about how a non judgemental sexually open family can bring you to kink and feel like it's just the way life is. Nookie is never happy with the status quo. She thinks things thru, and tries to see all the angles. If we never look at things in a different light, how will the world ever move forward? I think that is a great way to live your life. 

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Leatherotica by Sanger
30 Jan 2016, 8:30am GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
For a change of pace, this episode features a piece of erotica written by Ropecast fan and patron, Sanger. It's kind of a preview of the class that Naiia and GRay are teaching at Bondage Expo Dallas, called LEATHER and Rope.  Along with a generous support of our patrons, this episode was brought to you by rope. and as well as the generous support of

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TFS- Episode 68
30 Jan 2016, 12:17am GMT
The Fearless Submissive
julieR's thoughts on balancing your life and self care.

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Episode 105 - The Return of Dr. Dan
29 Jan 2016, 10:51pm GMT
Hey, remember "2 Docs & a Mic" from Frolicon (episode #75)? Dr. Dan returns to talk about the ever popular STI alphabet soup. Doc is a BDSM practitioner and has some great advice for kinksters. He talks about things you should know when you are getting medical treatment.

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TPOK Minicast 47 - Kink Starter Cards Live Negotiation
27 Jan 2016, 5:33pm GMT
The People of Kink
Eva Morgan and her play partner Angela Rae do a live negotiation with the Kink Starter Cards by Erotic Awakening. They talk you through how to use them and what their thought process is at the time and how it helped them. How many times have you sat across the table from someone and asked them what they wanted to do during play and you both say "I don't know."? This simple set of cards can help anyone from new to seasoned players. Why not get some help finding your sandbox?

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45: SantaCon and the year in review
25 Jan 2016, 6:38pm GMT
Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast
We take it down a notch and review the year 2015 and make our plans for 2016, which includes the BeachBody cruise, Naugthy in Nawlins and other fun swinger activities. The team reports in from "SantaCon" San Francisco, where our gang tried to convert some vanillas during the wild "city takeover".  First we go shopping in at the BDSM flea-market at the Citadel for new toys, then we take over "Divas", which is a cross-dressers bar, and create havoc and spanking demonstrations.  It is amazing how quickly you can get people on state to get their butts spanked and flogged once you give them a few drinks and an excuse. After all that the entire group crashes at the hotel, and we let Mr. Bill run...

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EA384 - Consensual Non-consent
25 Jan 2016, 12:09pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn talk about consensual non-consent. Does that actually mean something?  PLUS how to store your toys PLUS Nipple twist, travel, buh bye, and more!

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PW 463: The game changer
25 Jan 2016, 3:32am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Franklin Veaux joins the podcast to talk about his new autobiography, The Game Changer Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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Special Edition - January 24, 2016 - Autumn Orange - International Person of Leather Contestant
24 Jan 2016, 6:44pm GMT
Have you heard of the International Person of Leather title? Are you curious to know more? Well, we have an exclusive interview with Autumn, the South East Person of Leather and a contestant for the International title. Listen in as the geeky brat makes us laugh, helps us to learn more about the title, and allows us to get an inside look at who they are. Link: Link:

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TPOK 166 - DarknDeviant
24 Jan 2016, 6:00am GMT
The People of Kink
DarknDeviant came to terms with her sexuality at a young age. We talk about entering the lifestyle and exploring who you are and trying to find a partner. We hear about how she balances her needs vs. her partners needs and their challenges in finding other people to fit into their dynamic.

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Creating a Rope Consent Culture - Part 3
24 Jan 2016, 12:16am GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
Graydancer finishes out the promised three episodes about consent culture with the not-surprising realization that there will need to be many more. This one, though, features Belle-, a rigger, writer, and kinkster who is self-declared "unsafe". Learn w...

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