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This page lists recent episodes of all the kink podcasts we know about. If you'd like to nominate another kink podcast for inclusion, please email Tanos AT

TPOK Minicast 34 - Using FetLife as a Tool
10 Jun 2015, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
FetLife can be a wonderful place. It is a tool that could help us all from promoting to learning and finding new partners. It can be all these things if we choose to use it properly and respectfully. So let's learn to get along and be positive! 

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Emily Bingham, Writer-Instructor-Rope Fiend, Tells All!
10 Jun 2015, 2:17am GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
An old friend and lover of Gray's, Emily Bingham, has finished her memoir and is crowd-funding to get it out into the world! In this interview she shares her rope journey, including her battles in the Consent Incidents over the years, her history in the Rope Capital of the World, and what it's like being an unapologetic rope slut. This podcast brought to you AD-FREE thanks to the generous support of the Ropecast Patrons!

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EA365 - PXS Keynote
9 Jun 2015, 10:25pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, a special episode of the Erotic Awakening Podcast! We bring you Kevin & katie and the 2015 Power eXchange Summit keynote! Don't miss an episode! Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network Click the banner above for other great shows spanning the realm of BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, and simply fun kink!

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003 - Maseriously
9 Jun 2015, 2:20am GMT
Masterious and Prism answer questions about being new to the scene, getting uncollared, mono living with poly, being shy, and squirting. Call 725-444-WHIP to leave your question by voice mail and get featured on the podcast.

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39: The Hot Tub Time Machine
7 Jun 2015, 6:14pm GMT
Bliss Bringers – Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast
We got ourselves a few drinks and head for the hot tub, for our every own "bathcast" (our homage to the Kapers), and debrief about our sexy adventures at the yearly swingers retreat.  Some of the stories involve spanking and flogging.  During half-time, Mistress SinD puts on her own show, which is not to be missed. In the second part, we interview "the newbies", hosts of "Primal Pleasure Parties" which includes "the art gallery" and "the winery" (as mentioned in Shira & Gavin's swinging adventure) . Sponsors: Kasidie ("Facebook for the sexually social") and Couples Cruises (No kids on this boat!).

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7 Jun 2015, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Auntie Vice is a kink blogger and author. She has a new book out called "Love Letters to a Unicorn" The book is about kink, bdsm, and non-monogamy. We also talk about a campaign that she is running called "Red Stops Rape".  If you would like to download her book you can use CreateSpace eStore. Put in the code "FXLQDGYQ" to get 15% off the soft cover edition. The link for her store is You can also go to and click "Buy the Book".

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Episode 71 - Sex Toys with Rose Marie Pink
5 Jun 2015, 12:03pm GMT
Oh boy! I think the hosts had more fun that anyone on this show. Today, Rose Marie Pink stopped by the studio with box after box of VERY Cool toys! You could hear in Woody's voice that he wanted to run away with the vibrator he was holding. If it vibrates, thrusts, or jolts, we have 'em here on THE SEX TOY SHOW!

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KaC048 - BS'ing about PXS'ing
4 Jun 2015, 8:10pm GMT
Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba
What a month! PXS was this past weekend? and we are still raving about it! So, most of this episode of the Kinky & Curious Podcast ? BSing with Barak & Sheba is all about it! Plus, we BS more about the national opening of COPE - and all the tickets, info, and wildness that is coming. There was so much to talk about, we didn?t even get to a question? but who cares? It?s BSing after all. What did we get to? Well? Victorian Style Power Exchange Barak the Observer and Sheba gets immersed What do you mean, Queen takes Knight? Who are Kevin & katie, and Ms Brenda and arcane? Plus ? we talk all about the BIG Space Announcement; COPE Tickets, Where we have been, where we are going, the ex...

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Interview with Tifereth
4 Jun 2015, 7:17pm GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
The @BedRaptor herself rejoins the Ropecast to talk about her recent FetLife post about negotiating consent better for fetish performers. It's a complex and controversial subject that has spawned a new fetlife group as well as a search for better resources - including things like The Network/LA Red, who trains people in dealing with the difference between abuse and BDSM.  Tifereth is out for real change, and her call to arms is inspiring! Give a listen and then give your own feedback in the comments, emailing Gray, or via the Ropecast Hotline at 608-432-ROPE.  Like most Ropecasts, this one is brought to you by the good ropemakers and distributors at and Stop...

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PW 434: Five things that suck about polyamory
4 Jun 2015, 4:26pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Let's talk about what is really tough about being polyamorous in today's modern culture: five things that suck about polyamory. Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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TPOK Minicast 33 - Respecting People's Kink
3 Jun 2015, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
There are so many kinks and ways of doing kinks. You don't have to like them all. You don't have to try them all. However, if you would like your kinks and how you do them to be respected you need to return that respect. A simple concept that can be hard to do sometimes. Just remember you get back what you put out into the world.

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EA364 - Polyamory with Multiamory
2 Jun 2015, 8:49pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan & dawn talk with the crew from the Multiamory on Polyamory; they talk about rules, race, and more! Plus, post PXS coma, tentacle backpacks, and more! Tags? Oh yea we got tags. #pxs2015 #polyamory #droolingcats Don't miss an episode! Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network Click the banner above for other great shows spanning the realm of BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, and simply fun kink!

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PS069 - Performing, Consent and Active Participation
1 Jun 2015, 8:41pm GMT
The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
Rope bondage is edge play, but so is being on a stage. Lee explores the differences between being professionally on stage, performing for our partners, performing for the dungeon and performing for ourselves in this week?s podcast. Are you playing as children do in your sexual self-discovery, having connection encounters, or doing the deep work of the soul? Let?s look at the differences between what we thought we consented to and how we consent in the moment, and how you too can be more of an active part of your own life.   *** Passion And Soul Podcast: iTunes Subscription: odcast-by-lee/id840372122 RSS Feed: http://passionandsoul.lib...

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Sophie Delancy and Porn For Women
1 Jun 2015, 3:32am GMT
Masocast Podcast
Sophie Delancey jumps on the show to talk about being a VP of a porn company,  porn for women, the Art of the Blowjob the kink scene of Toronto, burlesque dancing and a more. Find Sophie on Twitter @sophiedelancey

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31 May 2015, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
I talk to a 24 year old transwoman who has been involved in kink all her life. She is currently pledging for a local leathergirl group, and is heavily involved in her local LGBT community.We talk about being trans and kinky, being in college and being the head of a her local LGBT rights organization.

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002 - Protection
30 May 2015, 9:09pm GMT
Masterious blabs about scissors, burning man, and protection.

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001 - Doubt
30 May 2015, 2:09pm GMT
Masterious talks about doubt, his new sanctuary, and starting over.

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Episode 70 - Sex Mythbusting with November Blue
29 May 2015, 11:54am GMT
On the road in Atlanta as we record November Blue's class on "Sex Mythbusting." Curious yet? We were. We entered the divided banquet room in a hotel in Atlanta that hosted Frolicon 2015. As November Blue took the stage we knew this is not your average sex ed class. Ms Blue used crafted pieces to illustrate various body parts, how they work and how we thought they worked. Ok, I'll admit I didn't know some of this stuff!

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TPOK Minicast 32 - Make kink your own
27 May 2015, 4:17pm GMT
The People of Kink
I talk about something that is very important in kink. You need to own your kink and do it in the way that works for you. There are many ways of doing almost everything that we do. Why not do it the way that makes you happy? I say we should own our kink and find people that fit into our lives that feel that way too. Just be happy. Don't listen to the white noise. Make kink your own.

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EA363 - Orgasm Control
27 May 2015, 10:24am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan & dawn talk about orgasm control! 

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