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This page lists recent episodes of all the kink podcasts we know about. If you'd like to nominate another kink podcast for inclusion, please email Tanos AT

Pablo Greene, Author of "How to Kill a Superhero"
5 Apr 2014, 7:38pm GMT
Graydancer's Ropecast
Graydancer goes all literate with an interview with author Pablo Greene. His new book "How to Kill a Superhero" is like a cross between Laura Antoniou and Dan Brown, with hair-raising chases, hot man-on-superhero lovin', and BONDAGE! This podcast is cleverly divided into "non-spoiler" and "spoiler" sections, so if you haven't read the book, you'll know when to stop listening. CORRECTION: At the end of the podcast, Gray mistakenly says that you can buy the book via The link is actually, and you can not only buy the book, you can read the first chapter free, check out Pablo's tumblr, as well accessing other resources like this cosplay guide. ...

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 Episode 10 - Dr. Brad Sagarin
5 Apr 2014, 1:07pm GMT
On this weeks show we have Dr. Brad Sagarin, a professor of psychology at NIU. He has put together a BDSM Research team. Hear what led to the creation of this team and they're findings on hormone levels during BDSM play. Dr. Sagarin speaks at various kink organizations across the country. Hear what he has to say.

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27: Swing Train, Gang-bangs and voicemail
4 Apr 2014, 11:27pm GMT
Bliss Bringers – Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast
We talk about "Ladies Choice" gang-bangs and the infamous "Swing train" with Brian and Tange from "Tangerines Dream".  They explain the secrets of running a fun sex party for everyone, for the newbies by making them feel comfortable.  , and we debate exactly how many people are needed for an "airtight".  Jon says 4, Tange has it at 6.  We got listener questions  from Q&F, who call in to show their love for the "Neon Wand" that they got from our sponsor The Stockroom, from the infamous Miss Penzer and a from a swinging massage therapist. This weeks recommended podcast is "The Fetish Show", which discusses sexuality and kink (Hmmm... sounds familiar :) ) If you would like to read how its lik...

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EA312 - Community
3 Apr 2014, 2:48pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn talk to Jsin, producer of Beat Me In St Louis as well as new board member of the National Collation of Sexual Freedom on the NCSF and its mission, and why we should care. Plus the ramble about aspects of the community in general.      Plus! The best tentacle pics ever? Check these out from Vlad_Gansovsky at

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DARK SIDE #141 - rabbit speaks (part 1 of 2)
2 Apr 2014, 8:34pm GMT
The Dark Side
THE DARK SIDE BDSM EDUCATIONAL PODCAST DARK SIDE #141 - rabbit speaks (part 1 of 2) Dark Angel sits down with white_rabbit (first heard on DS #78 - Oral Fixation) - and talk about their D/s part time poly relationship - as well as rabbits input on a few previous podcasts done by DA and KnotNice. rabbit?s thoughts on the following;DS # 1 - D/s ProtocolDS# 78 - Oral Fixation (an addendum)DS# 114 - ExhibitionismDS# 115 - SpankingDS# 123 - Orgasm Control This is the Part 1 of a 2 part podcast - look for Part 2 next week.  _____________________________ Sponsor: Spyder Design_____________________________ The Dark Side is FREE to get and share with others; * Listen OR Download at TDS Webpage * alte...

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Ask A Gay Guy
31 Mar 2014, 2:53am GMT
Masocast Podcast
Two people donated to the show in March, you know who you are, thanks for supporting the show. Nayland Blake returns to the podcast for ?Ask A Gay Guy? as we cover questions submitted by listeners. We cover mocking pompous people, how to make gay friends, playing the long game, being the guy people turn […]

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PW 388: It's not about you
31 Mar 2014, 2:17am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
For those who wrote in to argue on the everyone is doing poly wrong episode, thank you! And I stand by my message of tolerance rather than policing. Here's why! Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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Episode 100 ? Buying Diaper Porn
31 Mar 2014, 12:49am GMT
The Big Little Podcast
Description: Porn. According to the song from Avenue Q, it’s what the internet is for. We wanted to talk about it.  We wanted to get a good look at it.  For this episode we purchased some clips and reviewed them with some of our friends, including one who is a diaper porn producer!  We learned all about […]

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david stein
30 Mar 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
david has been involved in the leather s/m community for almost 4 decades. He helped blaze a trail for our community today and continues to be involved and engaged.

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 Episode 9 - NCSF Susan Wright
29 Mar 2014, 12:48pm GMT
On today?s episode, our guest is Susan Wright, founder of NCSF (National Coalition of Sexual Freedom). Susan talk about several projects including the ?Consent Counts? program. This is an informative discussion that forms a solid legal base for the kinky lifestyle. Uncle Abdul returns with word of a play space in San Jose.

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EA311 - Sexual Shaman
27 Mar 2014, 10:35am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn talk to sexual shaman and energy dancer Kenneth Ray Stubbs on sexuality, energy, wisdom and transformation!  Plus they tell you about some great events coming up!  Plus dawn springs a question of the day on Dan about being Master of the Laundry!  

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23 Mar 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Maddy is a well respected person of kink. She has been an event organizer and has always been there for her local community. She is a poly, switch, hedonist that keeps a small circle of friends and holds her family close to her heart.

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 Episode 8 - A submissive & a slave
22 Mar 2014, 12:31pm GMT
In this episode we have a submissive and a slave interact with Woody and the Beast in a TOP bottom discussion. Many aspects are covered from, scene dynamics to personal preferences. Consent and communication are always on the table in the lively discussion.

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EA310 - Hodgepodge V
21 Mar 2014, 2:01am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week, Dan & dawn ramble about stuff from all over the place! No topic this time, instead tons of “stuff”! Although we do talk about our Question of the Day on realities of a Master and slave relationship, but we then careen all over the place on things like.... - new @blissbringers promo - @Khloerosexxx does live kink - awesome event for both sides of the slash - Kinky Kollege and being human - Bridging the Slash, a new retreat weekend that you have to attend! - Hair cutting - Turkey tits  - The most complex dildo ever seen     And a lot more! 

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DARK SIDE #140 - Listener?s Speak
18 Mar 2014, 6:33pm GMT
The Dark Side
THE DARK SIDE BDSM EDUCATIONAL PODCAST DARK SIDE #140 - Listener?s Speak Dark Angel and KnotNice go over a backlog of Listeners feedback, stories, and questions. This is the FIRST DS Podcast done in DA?s new home - as well as the VERY FIRST TIME ever - where DA and KN record with both in the same room. The EXCELLENT sound quality shows how you - the listeners have given back. _____________________________ Sponsor: Franklin The Fet Jeweller_____________________________ The Dark Side is FREE to get and share with others; * Listen OR Download at TDS Webpage * alternatively you can do the same at our Podbean TDS Webpage The Dark Side is also available on I-Tunes

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DARK SIDE #139 - Podcast Party
17 Mar 2014, 9:07pm GMT
The Dark Side
THE DARK SIDE BDSM EDUCATIONAL PODCAST DARK SIDE #139 - Podcast Party DA is joined by Owen & joni of the OrangeMonkeyCast - for a few beers and a mixed bag of discussions on various BDSM topics. Lots of interesting discussion, lots of laughs.  _____________________________ Sponsor: TEASE _____________________________ The Dark Side is FREE to get and share with others; * Listen OR Download at TDS Webpage The Dark Side is also available on I-Tunes - please listen as well as rate us !

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PW 387: Is monogamy natural?
17 Mar 2014, 3:47am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Are humans biologically or "naturally" monogamous, and why does it matter? Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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17 Mar 2014, 1:13am GMT
Masocast Podcast
This week we’ve got two listener emails and a great conversation with Godsire. We talk about his experiences in the gay BDSM scene in DC, flakey submissive men, odd things people say at play parties, finding a mentor, service and a whole bunch more. You can find him on fetlife as Godsire, also the same […]

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 Episode 7 - Curb your enthusiasm
17 Mar 2014, 12:45am GMT
In this week's opinion piece, Gabriel speaks on the subject of "sub-frenzy". Her original writing can be seen on our web page. We hear from Uncle Abdul with the second installment on Violet Wands. We get a very frank listener question and preview an up coming show called BDSM Nightmares.

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TEU046 - VanCast... ramblings (Still)
16 Mar 2014, 9:11pm GMT
Tie Em Up - Leather Bondage Master
Another episode from the Tie Em Up family...

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