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21 Sep 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
Our story comes from Alaska this week. We find out that no matter how remote of a location you live in it is possible to lead a very kinky life.

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 Episode 34 - Capricorn Witch & slave Ivy
19 Sep 2014, 1:26pm GMT
For some, spirituality and Leather are tools for growth. In this episode krisssy explores these concepts, and how they intersect, with Capricorn Witch and slave Ivy, both of whom have presented rituals at SELF and have spent over two decades exploring and learning from kink, paganism and Leather. Tune in for another fascinating discussion!

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PW 402: Poly Weekly live at CatalystCon
19 Sep 2014, 3:13am GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Poly Weekly live at CatalystCon West with special guests Reid Mihalko and Charlie Glickman! Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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PS050 - Sex Shame, Sex Work, Sex Pride with Tina Horn
16 Sep 2014, 1:13am GMT
The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
In this passionate interview with sexuality activist, writer and educator Tina Horn, we dive into the issues of sexual exploration. Discussing the history and vision behind her podcast “Why Are People Into That?!,” we explore the notion of sexual shame and privilege from a personal and political framework. From there the notion of the whorearchy (the hierarchy of sex work) is explored, alongside the recent sex worker resource shut-downs and why it should matter to everyone. Come learn from this amazing being who once sold a dildo to Beyonce. Really.   Passion And Soul Podcast: iTunes Subscription: odcast-by-lee/id840372122...

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EA334 - Finding A Poly Partner
15 Sep 2014, 10:48pm GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan & dawn are joined by Karen as they discuss how to they have successfully found poly people to date! PLUS! Bungy sends in whip cream; the Fearless Submissive; and more! AND! A shout out to Mob! MOB is a group for all women, including transsexual/transgender/intersex women who live their daily lives as women, and all female-born transgender/genderqueer persons age 21 and over who have an interest in BDSM. Check them out at Tags? Oh yea we got tags. #podcast #polyamory #COPE #foodonboobs Don't miss an episode! Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening ...

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Replay of Episode 4 with Evermore
14 Sep 2014, 9:43pm GMT
Masocast Podcast
This is a replay of the 4th episode of the Masocast, with the first appearance of Evermore where she talks about sex parties, leaving her career as a professional dominatrix, how not to approach her at a kink party and more. Twitter, fetlife and now soundcloud (for a test run) you can find it all […]

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14 Sep 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
sexsmurf is a man with strong and intellegent views on the stigma of STI's. We also hear about being polly and living in a smaller more spread out communtiy.

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 Episode 33 - Ernest Greene & Nina Hartley
12 Sep 2014, 12:50pm GMT
Ernest Greene and Nina Hartley are the ultimate power couple of porn. He is the groundbreaking BDSM and fetish filmmaker, and editor of Hustler?s Taboo magazine. Nina, the legendary porn star, is his wife, slave and muse, as well as a film director, sex educator, feminist and author. This wonderfully candid couple talks to KC about their lives, careers and relationship. They also talk about Ernest?s new erotic novel, ?The Master of O,? a modern retelling of the classic ?The Story of O? with a twist: the story is told from the dominant?s point of view.

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PW 401: Fuzzy landmines
8 Sep 2014, 11:01pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Fuzzy landmines and invisible fences that the person entering an existing relationship often encounters--and how to make sure you're not the one making them! Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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31: We're on a boat, motha frackers!
7 Sep 2014, 6:24am GMT
Bliss Bringers – Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast
We debrief from our summer's adventures: The various swinger parties we visited, including some from Tangerine's Dream (which we interviewed previously) . Villain Jon tries a mud-run, breaks his ankle and then uses his "handicap" to get laid. Then we party in lake of the Ozarks, party cove. We interview "sexkitten" on the correlation between swingers and their boats. Mistress SinD has an encounter with a boat propeller, which left a nasty cut. After all that, we head for Burning man! Featured podcast: Everybody Swing We are also giving away random prizes every month those leaving a review on itunes, Stitcher or the Android app.

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7 Sep 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
If you love rope, you have heard of MBE and the man that runs it Morpheous. He tells us about running MBE, writing kinky books and how all of that effects his life.

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 Episode 32 - Master Cecil of the Woodshed in Orlando
5 Sep 2014, 1:50pm GMT
Today's guest might say, "Welcome to the Woodshed", Orlando's premier play space and BDSM education center. Master Cecil is one of the most giving people in BDSM/Leather community! Listen to his story and how the Woodshed came to be. Check our webpage for "Hot-Links" to the Fet Photos we refer to in the cast. Enjoy.

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The Fetish Show 35 ? London Mistress School and Spanksticks
5 Sep 2014, 12:03am GMT
The Fetish Show
Dirk and Zoe do a Spanksticks demonstration live! Zoe talks about her trip to the London Mistress School. New Advisor guest Dr. Feelgood has some interesting sex-related tips. Dirk and Zoe get published in an international art book. We also talk about tornadoes, a dear friend passing, the Bondage Awards and Invicta Watches. Important Links

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EA333 - Kink Fails
2 Sep 2014, 12:44am GMT
Erotic Awakening Podcast
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan & dawn share a number of stories about how they got started in kink...and how the screwed things up - and how the recovered from them! Tags? Oh yea we got tags. #podcast #spanking #bdsm #kinkysex #footworship Don't miss an episode! Click here to subscribe via iTunes or here for any other method Part of the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network Click the banner above for other great shows spanning the realm of BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, and simply fun kink!

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PW 400: Polyamory for introverts
1 Sep 2014, 9:05pm GMT
Polyamory Weekly
Being poly with introverts with guest Dan, dawn and Karen of Beyond the Love! Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or

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KaC039 - BSing about Mr. Cocky?s travels
1 Sep 2014, 11:12am GMT
Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba
Well… it’s less than 2 weeks before COPE - and we are neck deep in all the rushing about getting everything done! But… we were able to make some time to squeeze in the September episode of the Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba In this episode, once again we completely derail the regular Q&A to give Sheba a chance to rant about Genital Avatars. We go round and round about “Mr. DickHead” and the ultracool Mr. Cocky. We talk about the fantastic event that is COPE, and other AIS happenings… So join us for some fun, some weird, wacky and kinky silliness! Plus, on this month’s Kinky & Curious Podcast &ndash...

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PS049 - Sapiosexuals in the Hot Tub
1 Sep 2014, 10:41am GMT
The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
In a first-time podcast from the hot tub, Lee’s guests are Rev. Deborah Addington (author of Fantasy Made Flesh and Hand in the Bush) and Judge D. Surface explore god, fuck, religion and sexuality in style. Though the audio quality is not ideal, it is a tasty treat as we look at how “it is a rebellious act to identify your bliss and pursue it in a culture that says no you can’t have that.” Enjoy this discussion of diverse communities, personal creativity and of course, gratitude.   Passion And Soul Podcast: iTunes Subscription: odcast-by-lee/id840372122 RSS Feed: Past MP3 ...

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Poly Round Table
31 Aug 2014, 5:00am GMT
The People of Kink
I invited my Leather Family on to discuss Poly this week. Featuring Eva Morgan, karly1970, Solotaire, Rubee Tuesday and Crazy Heart.

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Wynter Returns..and She?s Bringing The Soap
31 Aug 2014, 3:11am GMT
Masocast Podcast
Mistress Wynter is back on the show, if you haven’t heard her first appearance you may want to take a listen to that one first. This time we talk about her dive into the mind, fun with soap (a kink I’ve never heard of before called “soaping”), some questions from her fans on twitter, her […]

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 Episode 31 - Master Sargent & his Private
28 Aug 2014, 1:50pm GMT
Today our Leigh interviews Master Sargent & his Private. Mr. & Mrs. Olympic Leather titleholders 2013/2014 talk about being older in the community, while bringing education and safety to new members of their local and regional communities.

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